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The story behind our handmade cards

5 Stitches offers custom designed and hand-crafted cards and stationary for all occasions, including wedding stationary, birthday and anniversary, christening, Bar Mitvah and party invitations as well as tailor-made communications for business.

5 Stitches was born when our Creative Director, Genevive, discovered that she couldn’t buy cards that were as unique and inspired as her own. Many offered a ‘cookie cutter’ or templated approach but nothing that could claim to be created exclusively from scratch for a client.

Genevive has a Bachelor of Design degree and, as far back as she can remember, she has made cards for her friends and family. These cards were made of stitched layers of fabric that incorporated small pieces of the world around her and were special to the recipients.

Genevive would take a fallen leaf, a crumpled theatre ticket, an antique button, an old photo, or a family recipe and make a unique card or invitation. It’s the handmade nature of these cards that touches the heart. People long for personal connections, and when someone makes an effort, it’s really appreciated.

Genevive has plenty of help when it comes to realising her vision for 5Stitches. She is supported by an army of talented sewers and designers, which are all based in Australia.

Together, they will help deliver your unique message with a one-of-a-kind design that will delight your friends, family, guests and clients.