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The story behind our handmade cards

5Stitches started as a simple but inspired idea. Genevive Edmonds, a textile and fashion designer, noticed it was hard to find quality handmade cards that used textiles, not just ink printed on paper.

genevive and bob of 5Stitches

As far back as she can remember, Genevive has made cards for friends and family. Cards were made up of stitched layers of fabric that incorporated small pieces of the world around her – a fallen leaf, a crumpled theatre ticket, an antique button, an old photo, a family recipe.

It occurred to her that no one else was making cards like this and if her friends and family treasured them, so might the world!

Hence the idea to make a life-long passion a business, and 5 Stitches was born.

Genevive has a Bachelor of Design degree and has worked in the homeware and fashion industries as both a Textile Designer and Production Manager.

Her love of fabric led to a collection of treasures that she draws upon to create the unique designs of 5Stitches. Look through the collection of cards and you might find a snippet from a stunning 1940s silk dress, a recycled kimono or even a grandfathers’ tie.

Just as every card has a story to tell, each design is a reflection of Genevive’s passion for originality, quality and aesthetics.

Bob Coulthurst is Genevive’s right hand man when it comes to running the 5Stitches business. It was his support and encouragement that spurred her to share her cards with the world.

Although it is early days for 5 Stitches, they are delighted that their beautiful products are being gifted across the world – from Sydney to San Francisco, Madagascar to Madrid!

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